Must-Have Features to Include in Your Kitchen Renovation

Posted on: 9 July 2018

When you're having your home's kitchen renovated, it's good to think about all the new features and options you want included in this space. A kitchen should make food prep easy and enjoyable, and it should also offer you all the storage you need for cooking utensils and gadgets, as well as foodstuffs! To ensure you enjoy your new kitchen space, note a few must-have features to discuss with your contractor before any work begins.

Enclosed but convenient trash

Trash bins sitting out in the kitchen are very unsightly, and tempting to pets. Enclosing those bins in a closet can make them inaccessible. A good solution to both these problems is to have your contractor build an enclosed, sliding cabinet for your trash. These cabinets can work with a foot pedal that you touch to let the bin slide out, for easy access.

Farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink is one long, deep sink that is not divided in the centre. These sinks are good for holding large pots and pans, and colanders or strainers. If you prepare large meals and are always struggling to get your cooking utensils to fit in a standard sink, have your contractor outfit your kitchen with a farmhouse sink and include an oversized, curved faucet for even more room.

Built-in bar

Rolling bar carts are a bit outdated and old-fashioned, but it's still nice to have one specific area where you keep all your alcohol, mixers, glasses, and other such barware. If you often entertain or just enjoy fixing yourself a nice cocktail after work, have your contractor create a built-in bar. He or she can design shelves for standard liquor bottles as well as smaller spaces for shot glasses and tools, and a space for trays you need to take your drinks from one room to another.

Family space

A family space in the kitchen might include one wall that is painted with chalkboard paint, so the kids can entertain themselves while the adults cook. You might also want a spot for the kids to sit and do homework, or you might need a corkboard for holding messages, important papers, and the like. A kitchen may also need a spot for storing backpacks and children's shoes, if this is the area they use for coming in and out of the house during the school week! Having this area included in your kitchen renovation can ensure you have a seamless design that looks attractive while also being very functional.