Two Ways To Make Bathroom Renovations More Affordable

Posted on: 10 October 2022

Here are a couple of things you can do to make your bathroom renovations more affordable.

Purchase inexpensive bathroom accessories instead of having the remodelling contractor build custom items for the bathroom

There are plenty of readymade bathroom accessories that are functional, attractive and very affordable. Where possible, it's best to purchase these accessories, rather than having the remodelling contractor design and build custom accessories for your new bathroom.

For example, if you'd like to put some shelves up over the toilet to utilise this wall space to store toilet tissue or towels, it might be best to order some readymade, inexpensive glass or plywood shelves, rather than having the contractor build a customised version of this storage accessory. Due to the length of time that it would take the contractor to design these shelves and to cut and prep the materials, the price you would have to pay them for this particular task would likely be considerably higher than the price you would pay for readymade shelves. The readymade version of this bathroom accessory would be much the same, in terms of its functionality and aesthetic, and could save you quite a bit of money.  

Similarly, rather than asking the contractor to create a built-in recessed shelf in your shower cubicle, which could cost a lot, you could order a shower caddy that can be hung over the shower door or attached to its walls with suction cups.

Make sure the wall-mounted accessories you replace are the same size as the old accessories

If you want to replace some of your current bathroom accessories that are secured to the walls, you should try to ensure that the replacements are similar in size. If, for example, your replacement towel rail is the same width as the old rail, it should fit into the existing holes for the accessories' screws. Likewise, if you'll be replacing the bathroom cabinet that's over your sink, you should choose a new cabinet whose width and length are equal to the old one so that its brackets and screws can then be secured into the current wall openings.

This could reduce your renovation's labour costs, as the contractor won't have to spend time drilling new holes for the new accessories or repairing the wall where the old holes were. Whilst this tactic might limit the number of towel rails and other wall-mounted accessories you can choose from, it could be worth doing if keeping your renovation costs down is important to you.

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