Kitchen Splashbacks That Lighten Your Kitchen

Posted on: 10 July 2018

Choosing a splashback for your new kitchen can be tough because of the vast array of colors and surfaces to choose from. It can be one of those times when being spoilt for choice is not necessarily a good thing.

One angle you can approach the whole issue from is to consider the lightness of your kitchen. A bright, airy kitchen is always more welcoming than a darker, closed-in space. So which kitchen splashbacks will bring in extra light and brighten up the whole room?

Here are two types of splashbacks that will do just that.

Window Splashbacks

Window splashbacks are a great option that allow more natural daylight into the kitchen. This is only feasible, of course, when the splashback abuts an external wall.

You don't need a large garden or great view to make this work. Even with narrow, fenced-in garden spaces, a planter box installed directly underneath will provide scenic greenery to look at, without the hassle of looking after indoor plants. Or you can arrange tall potted plants outside. The benefit of this is that can you can quickly change the view from within your kitchen each season by simply changing a few planter boxes or potted plants. Next spring, just add some flowering planter boxes. 

An added advantage of window splashbacks is that they are grout-free zones and are relatively easy to clean.

Mirror Splashbacks

A mirror splashback is another option to increase light flow within the kitchen. Shiny, smooth surfaces reflect light, and mirrors are the ultimate reflectors. A mirror splashback will bounce both natural and artificial light around the kitchen.

Like a window, a mirror will also add depth to the kitchen, making it appear larger than it really is. 

A mirror splashback works particularly well when reflecting the daylight view from a window on either the opposite or adjacent wall, bringing other colors into the kitchen landscape via reflections. Ideally, a mirror splashback will not reflect a bare wall.

The mirrors used for splashbacks are toughened and heat resistant to withstand daily kitchen life, so you don't have to worry about them being fragile like standard mirrors.

Light, airy spaces are always inviting. So when choosing kitchen splashbacks, think about how they will affect the overall lightness of the room. Both window and mirror splashbacks are great options if you want to add light and depth to the hub of the home.