Kitchen Renovation Tips for Those About to Become Parents

Posted on: 17 July 2018

When you're about to start a family, or you're planning on having one in the near future, there's plenty to think about. A lot of this centres on your home and its suitability for children, particularly if there are any changes you'll need to make.

One of the rooms often overlooked when preparing your home for a new family member is the kitchen. It might seem low on your list of priorities, but it's a great time for a home kitchen renovation. Here are some of the things you'll want to consider for your new family-friendly kitchen space.

1. Make it safer

The obvious thing to take care of for people who are soon to become parents is safety. With the kitchen being one of the most dangerous rooms in the home, you should give some serious thought to this when you're planning your design.

One of the main things to do is ensure anything hazardous is out of the reach of small hands. It's a good idea to get a new stove is yours is low enough for a child to reach. Include drawers and cupboards that are high enough to be out of the way, and use them to store your sharp knives and other dangerous items.

2. Provide a kid-friendly space

As your child gets older, it's nice to have a space for them in the kitchen. They can use this to sit and read or do homework while you cook, or to help out with various tasks. A kitchen island is ideal for this if you have the space to fit one in. Otherwise, just make sure there's enough room for a small table and chair.

3. Maximise usability

With kids hanging around and wanting attention when you're busy, it's useful to have a kitchen that's easy to work in. Think about the space you have to move, and make it so you can navigate smoothly from one area to the next.

4. Increase storage

You'll need extra food and possibly some new kitchen equipment when your child arrives, so take the opportunity to add in some extra storage space. Just one more cupboard can make all the difference, but see how much you can fit in without making the room overcrowded or ending up with storage you never use.

5. Toughen things up

Children can be messy, and they don't always take as much care as you'd like. Because of this, you should use materials that are durable and easy to clean, wherever possible. Coated wood is a good option for resisting stains and being easy to repair, and solid stone worktops are perfect for long-lasting durability. Whichever materials you choose, talk to your kitchen installation company and find out what will give the best long-term performance.