Minimalist Bathroom Renovations for Every Home

Posted on: 19 July 2018

Has the time come for you to renovate your bathroom? A minimalist look is something many homeowners desire, but not everyone is successful in achieving it. With a few simple changes, you can create a modern look throughout the cleanest room in your home.

Combine neutral colours with stainless steel fittings

One of the cornerstones of a minimalist look is the use of neutral colours. From beige and white to grey, opting for tones that will blend into the background gives you the perfect base from which you can form the rest of your bathroom renovations. To take your efforts a step further and give your bathroom a modern edge, add in stainless-steel fittings. If the idea of a stainless steel sink or bath doesn't appeal to you, try new pipes and towel rails when performing bathroom repairs.

Make the most of surrounding views with large windows

Does your bathroom overlook expansive countryside? Or maybe there's a bustling urban metropolis out there? If you have a view that's worth boasting about, use it as a natural form of decor when renovating your bathroom. When you add expansive or panoramic windows, you have the chance to allow light to flood in. With natural lighting, your bathroom gains the minimalist edge you're seeking. If you're worrying about privacy, invest a little extra into your project and ensure you can only see out of your windows.

Install large mirrors with recessed lighting

If your lighting starts to look over-the-top, you'll soon veer away from the minimalist look you desire. One way to guarantee you achieve minimalism is through installing recessed lighting above a large vanity mirror. Keeping your lights away from fixtures such as your shower ensures your electricity remains safe. When you install large mirrors, you broaden the room's size and allow the light to reverberate throughout it. To ensure you retain your minimalist look, avoid the use of covers over the lights.

Ditch the bath and install a shower

If you're short on space when it comes to your bathroom, consider ridding yourself of your bath. As a large and bulky item, it'll take up too much space and leave the room looking cluttered. In contrast, a large walk-in shower serves the same practical purpose, without overshadowing the rest of the room.

Modern bathroom renovations with minimalist results don't have to feel complicated. In addition to the tips above, consider sticking to colours such as white, beige, grey, and natural wood to achieve your look.