The Different Taps You Could Install In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 24 July 2018

You may be under the assumption that to engage in a successful remodelling project that you would have to invest in a complete revamping of your space. While switching most of the elements in your kitchen, bathroom or home at large will result in a dramatic change; this is not the only approach available to you. In some cases, some minor changes that you make can speak volumes to the entire appeal of the space. So if you are currently on a budget but are intent on giving your kitchen a face lift, you should consider changing out the tapware. Below is a brief list of the different taps that you could install around your home.

Pull-out taps

Named after its design, pull-out taps are outfitted with a detachable head. These taps are incredibly flexible and would be suited for the kitchen. Moreover, the pull-out faucets are available in a broad array of styles and designs, so you can be guaranteed that they will easily complement your interior décor choices. The main drawback to note about pull-out taps is that they have a high propensity of splashing water, so they are best used in tandem with deep sinks, such as farmhouse sinks.

Pull-down taps

These types of taps are designed similarly to the pull-out variety, but the notable difference is rather than the head moving in any direction, it can solely be pulled downwards. Pull-down taps are fantastic for people who routinely use deep pots and dishes when cooking as they can directly access hard to reach spots while washing. Furthermore, since the head of the pull-down tap does not move outward, it minimises the chances of splashing water all over your kitchen, which makes these types of taps great for any sink.

Motion sensor taps

Individuals in search of more modern fixtures to complement their contemporary space may find that motions sensor taps are right up their alley. As their name suggests, these kinds of taps are turned on when motion is detected underneath them. This technology is not just impressive, but it is also quite advantageous too. Firstly, the motion detection helps minimise the amount of contamination that occurs around the sink, as you do not have to touch the hardware directly to turn it on or off. Secondly, the motion sensors also aid in water conservation as the supply is shut off immediately once there is no movement detected under the tap.