Tips to Bring Out a Traditional Aesthetic in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 27 July 2018

The key to successfully renovating your kitchen is to identify the fundamental design you want for the space. One of the styles that is a favourite for homeowners, since it will never go out of style, is the traditional kitchen. Although some people may easily mistake this theme with a farmhouse design, the two are entirely different. While farmhouse kitchens are associated with rustic appeal, a traditional kitchen focuses on attention to detail in an attempt to bring the room to life. Thus, there are several elements that you need to keep in mind in order to curate a timeless aesthetic in the space. This article provides you with a few essential tips for bringing out a traditional design scheme in your kitchen.

Architectural elements

For your new kitchen to be considered traditional, you need to incorporate architectural elements that are key to this design. One such feature is sweeping arches, which can be integrated at the entryway to give the kitchen an old-world appeal. Other architectural elements you could lean toward include mouldings, panel cabinetry and corbels – which all work to make the space both inviting and visually striking.

Stained timber

Unlike modern kitchens where sleek surfaces are the go-to design consideration, traditional kitchens are characterised by stained timber elements. Additionally, you can mix and match different types of stains to give your new kitchen its own unique character. For instance, distressed stains work well with your traditional raised-panel cabinets, and this can be paired with aged stains on butcher-block countertops. Another advantage of having stained timber in your new kitchen is that it will not detract from the primary colour palette you choose but instead will add depth to your colour scheme.

Stunning light fixtures

Undeniably, lighting is one of the most critical elements in the kitchen. However, your lighting choices will give your space a discernible theme. Traditional kitchens, to begin with, are characterised by a flood of natural lighting, so you should try and incorporate as many windows as possible. When darkness falls, your traditional kitchen should still be well illuminated. Jazz up your overhead lighting by installing a chandelier, which will add some grandeur to the room. Furthermore, introduce different types of task lighting that will also aid in enhancing the ambiance of the space. Some of the choices that you could consider including in the new kitchen are lantern-style sconces on the walls and LED track beneath cabinetry.

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