4 innovative ideas for installing a kitchen sink

Posted on: 11 October 2018

When renovating your kitchen, you may be concerned about the floor plan, appliances and countertops. However, your kitchen sink will also play an important role in how the final product looks like. You should take time to explore various kitchen sink designs before you begin the kitchen renovation process.

To help you decide which kitchen sink style will best suit your needs, this article will explore 4 popular and attractive designs.

1. Consider an undermount sink for a seamless feel

If you're installing high-end countertops (such as natural stone countertops), consider having your kitchen sink embedded within the countertop surface. An undermount sink is essentially a sink that has been cut out from the surface of the countertop. The edges of the sink still consist of the countertop material, as it wraps around and joins the underlying metal surface.

Undermount sinks work well with high-end countertops because they have a seamless, uniform appearance. There are no visible edges that separate the sink from the rest of the countertop. Therefore, this design is easy to clean and maintain. It also discourages people from piling dishes on the edges of the sink because of the seamless, continuous look.

2. Install an integral sink to create a break from the countertop

If you would prefer your sink to have a clearly marked boundary, integral sinks are the way to go. The countertop and sink itself may be made from different materials that match well together. You can also use a similar material but with different finishes.

An integral sink works well if you prefer to have extra space on the edges of your sink for keeping dishes. A clear boundary also prevents water damage to the rest of your countertop. This is because all dishes will be placed on the stainless steel surface of your sink (rather than on the countertop material).

3. Self-rimmed sinks are sturdy and easy to maintain

The most common type of sink used in kitchens is a self-rimmed sink. This sink has a clear edge on the surface where it attaches to your countertop. Self-rimmed sinks are easy to install because all your contractor has to do is cut out a hole in the countertop material.

These sinks are also durable as they attach firmly into your countertop via their rimmed edges.

4. Have the sink at the centre of your kitchen

While most people install their sinks near a wall or kitchen window, consider having your sink in the centre of your kitchen. A central sink is easier to access and maintain. It also acts as a focal point for your kitchen, and it breaks the monotony of regular kitchen designs.