Custom Kitchen Design – Should You Replace Or Reface your Cabinets?

Posted on: 23 October 2018

Your kitchen cabinets may seem as merely a functional aspect of your kitchen, but they do contribute a great deal to the appeal of the space. The moment the cabinetry starts to appear decrepit, it progressively affects the attractiveness of your kitchen, which just makes it an unpleasant space to be in. However, when you begin to deliberate on changing out your kitchen cabinets, it is not necessary to immediately opt for their replacement. If your budget is a tad restrictive, you may find that refacing is a much better solution than choosing for a complete overhaul of your cabinets. This piece looks at whether refacing or replacement will be better off for your custom kitchen renovation.

The cabinets are made of cheap supplies

Your cabinets may be constructed from substandard materials for various reasons. For instance, you may have moved into a pre-built home, and the previous homeowners did not prioritise the use of quality supplies for the cabinets. Alternatively, you may have bought cheap mass market cabinets when money was tight, and now you find the cabinets are steadily deteriorating. If your cabinets are entirely made of particleboard, and you are deliberating on reinforcing them, you should scrap this idea and have the cabinets replaced. Even during reinforcement, the contractors still need a sturdy cabinet to work with so it is best to opt for new cabinetry altogether.

The cabinet doors are damaged

When your cabinets are compromised, there are two forms of damage the doors could develop. The first is cosmetic damages on the doors. These types of damages typically constitute scratches or dents that make the cabinet doors less attractive since they have lost their lustre. The second type of damage that you may have to contend with is physical malformations. These malformations can manifest as water damage to the cabinets, mould infestation, decaying frames and so on.

Superficial damages can easily be remedied by refacing since all the renovators have to do is to smooth out the cabinet doors and repaint them. However, when the damage is much deeper like in the form of rot and decay, it is pertinent to replace the cabinets since this damage will only spread as time goes on. 

The cabinet doors do not match your intended custom kitchen style

If you are looking to overhaul your entire kitchen design, you may find that the cabinets are not in line with your new custom theme. Depending on the degree of contrast, there are two ways to go about remodelling the cabinets. If the cabinets just need a change of colour, then refacing is the best solution for this problem. But if you want to change the entire layout of your kitchen and require an entirely new theme, then the replacement of the cabinets will be prudent.

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