2 Vital Elements That Will Create A Truly Fantastic Island Bench

Posted on: 24 January 2019

When it comes to interior design, each year brings new trends in materials, colours and looks. However, there are certain elements that belie passing fads and remain popular for long stretches of time. This is particularly true in kitchen design, and the island bench is a mainstay of contemporary kitchens.

Island benches found their niche when open-plan living became a common design feature in both newly built homes and renovated older homes. The island bench provides a link between the kitchen area and the rest of the space, acting as a place for work and informal dining as well as being a surface for food preparation and cooking.

If you'd like to add a truly fantastic island bench as part of your kitchen remodelling project, then here are two vital elements that you should include.

1. Custom cabinetry

While the surface is the focal feature of an island bench, what lies beneath it plays a vital role in elevating it from ordinary to amazing. By opting for custom-made cabinetry instead of stock models off the showroom floor, you get total control over the form and function of this element of island bench design.

A custom design allows you to have dedicated storage space that's perfectly suited to the number and size of the items you wish to store. It also lets you incorporate appliances into the island bench, such as the microwave or oven, to make cooking easier and more convenient.

2. A bench top with 'wow' factor

The bench top of your island bench represents one of the biggest surfaces in the kitchen and, because of its prominent and central position, it's a focal point for the entire open-plan living space. This is a great opportunity to dictate the overall look and feel of your new kitchen by opting for a striking material that has the 'wow' factor.

For a classic and elegant look, you can't look past natural stone bench tops such as marble, granite or limestone. While these are on the high end of the price range, they're incredibly strong and durable and will last for a lifetime. If you'd like something with a bit more contemporary style, an engineered stone bench top in a vibrant colour will add some flair and individuality to your island bench.

With these two components under control, you'll have created a striking and fantastic island bench that will take your new kitchen to the next level. Talk to your cabinet maker and kitchen contractor to discuss your ideas for a custom kitchen design.