Home Renovation Tips

Posted on: 17 February 2021

A well-planned home renovation project should significantly improve the value and appeal of your home. In this extract, you will learn how to prepare for a home renovation project and the renovations you should consider. 

Preparing For Home Renovations

Home renovation projects are an opportunity to conduct essential home repairs. As such, inspect your home to determine whether it needs a new roof or plumbing or electrical repairs. You could also want to conduct asbestos abatement. Review strata bylaws to determine if you are prohibited from making renovations that alter the property's design. Hire an experienced contractor to conduct the renovation works. Your contractor must have a general liability cover. If you do not have adequate cash to complete the renovation works, take out a renovation loan or refinance your mortgage to take advantage of extra equity. 

Renovations To Consider

Below are some renovation works you should consider: 

1. Home Extensions

Home extensions are ideal if you feel that your house is crammed. For instance, you could need extra living space, an additional bedroom or more garage space. You will need an architect when creating a home extension. Remember, you will have to interfere with the structural features of your house. Be creative with home extensions. For instance, you could have a basement if you have a small compound. 

2. Interior Redesign

An interior redesign will give your house a modern look. For instance, you could pull down some walls to have an open living space. Alternatively, you could consider a sunken living area or kitchen upgrades such as granite working surfaces, a kitchen bar or extra storage space. You could also incorporate energy efficiency features such as skylights, double-glazed windows and door panels. Do not forget to repaint the interior with warm colours. 

3. Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations will ensure you are comfortable when taking a shower at home. For instance, you could resize your bathroom from a quarter bathroom to a full bathroom. Alternatively, you could install high-quality fixtures such as storage cabinets, smart showers, and ambient or accent lighting. 

4. Landscaping Improvements

Landscape improvements will give friends and buyers a lasting first impression of your home. Choose a type of grass that can withstand your climate. It is a sure way to ensure a lush lawn. Plant a wide array of shrubs and flowers to give your landscape a different look every season. Landscape lighting will keep your landscape appealing at night. Additionally, consider recreational areas such as decks, patios, gazebos and infinity pools. 

You should now have an easy time planning a home renovation project. Consider home extensions, interior redesign, bathroom renovations and landscape improvements.