Home Addition: Guidelines for Planning for a Second Storey Extension

Posted on: 30 November 2021

If you are thinking about conducting a home addition, consider the benefits of installing a second storey. In general, a second storey extension is ideal if you have limited space on your residential lot. Also, this type of remodelling will greatly increase the value of the home. Additionally, the new storey can allow you to take advantage of local views. However, you should note that adding a second storey can be a challenging process. Therefore, plan with care to ensure a good outcome after the remodel. Here are a few crucial tips to keep in mind during your home extension project.

Check the Regulations

When preparing for the addition, check the applicable building regulations in your locale. You can consult your remodelling contractor for additional information. Alternatively, visit the local council office and inquire about the regulations imposed on second storey extensions. One of the critical issues to address is height restrictions in your neighbourhood. Some areas might not allow for the construction of multiple storey houses. You should also make sure that your home is not listed as a heritage site. For instance, planning authorities might not allow for the alteration of period homes. Additionally, check on other general building regulations to ensure structural safety.

Obtain a Building Permit

Most forms of home construction require a permit from the local council. Therefore, you should lodge your application as early as possible to avoid delays in your project. Keep in mind that some home additions might be exempt from planning permission. Discuss your specific plans with your remodelling contractor and determine if your project can be excluded from the permit process. Usually, exemptions will depend on factors like the total footprint, the maximum height of the extension and even the materials used in the construction. Do not proceed before getting approval if your project needs a permit. The lack of compliance could cause legal problems if illicit construction is discovered.

Consider Underpinning

Think about the importance of underpinning before proceeding with the second storey extension. This process is crucial if your current foundation is not strong enough to support the additional weight of the addition. Underpinning allows for the reinforcement of the building base to increase the structural capacity. Inquire about the underpinning options with your remodelling contractor. Opt for a non-invasive approach where possible to eliminate the need for excavation. Finally, develop your second storey design with the original structure in mind. Aim for uniformity in materials and appearance to ensure good aesthetic appeal and higher home value.  

For more information about home additions, reach out to a local remodelling contractor.