Considerations When Hiring A Home Addition Contractor

Posted on: 12 April 2022

Home addition contractors are a vital element of your home extension project. Most homeowners do not conduct thorough assessments when hiring addition contractors. It is especially so since they presume that extensions are simple renovation projects that do not require a lot of technical expertise. However, it is important to hire a home addition contractor who can meet your needs. Read this piece for some tips on choosing a home addition contractor

Industry Accreditations

Examine whether the home addition contractor is qualified to build the extension. For instance, does the contractor have the required licences? Does the contractor have a highly trained and experienced crew? What certifications does the contractor have? These elements guarantee that the professional offers high-quality services. Finally, examine the contractor's reputation to determine if their previous clients were happy with their work ethic and building work.  


Most homeowners have an idea of how they intend to extend their homes. However, given they are not construction experts, their concepts often affect the functionality of the building. An experienced home addition contractor inspects your home and evaluates your needs and proposed concept. They then examine the original blueprints and local construction regulations to determine the viability of your proposal. For example, you could be shocked to find out that you cannot extend your home towards a specific side. It is especially so if the property has an easement or the building code prohibits you from building too close to your neighbour. The contractor develops several extension proposals that meet your needs, improve the building's functionality and comply with the building code. Once you agree on a specific concept, the contractor can commence the construction work.  

Services Offered

The rule is to work with contractors that can manage your home addition project from conception to completion. Therefore, the professional must offer the following services: 

  • Drafting services to create blueprints for the new building.
  • Applying for construction permits. For instance, they need to approve the blueprints and seek building and demolition permits depending on the project's scope.
  • Conducting site preparation works such as earthmoving, relocation or installation of amenities.
  • Bricklaying, roofing and installing internal fixtures. 


It is difficult to tell if the contractor's quote is within the market rates. Therefore, you should prequalify several contractors who meet your minimum hiring criteria and ask each for a quote. It is an easy way to establish the building costs. Do not choose the cheapest contractor; rather, ask each one of them to justify their quote. This way, you know which contractor's quote gives value for your money.